Orange County Child Psychologist

What you Need to Become a Child Psychologist in Orange County

What degree is needed in California?

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A doctorate degree in psychology is needed to become a child psychologist, although some jobs(such as working in schools) just need a Masters degree, with a unique interest in dealing with kids. There aren’t any particular degrees needed to become an child psychologist Orange County; you could decide that working with youngsters or doing study in the development of children the main priority in your schooling.

Taking the GRE(Graduate Readiness Exam)

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A specific point structure is used in the GRE exams you’ll be taking before you’ll get accepted into grad school. These advanced degree programs will use your scores to assist them in choosing who does and does not get into these extremely competitive graduate programs.

Specialized Classes

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It’s now time to start focusing on taking classes that are specialized in the study of childhood development.

  • Get involved in a research project in the study of psychology specifically geared towards children.
  • If you live in Southern California, consider finding a child psychologist in Orange County to mentor you.
  • Ask your program adviser which ones may be most appropriate for you. You can study to get your Master’s degree, or focus on getting your Ph.D.(Doctor of Philosophy).

There are many specialized areas you can focus on. If you want to advocate for children as an Orange County psychologist, for example, you can study family counseling. There’s cognitive, behavioral, and scientific areas of therapy you can become involved in. The study of lifespan development is fast becoming a popular field of study.

Time to apply for your license

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Once you’ve graduated, it’s time to apply for a state license in the state you’re going to be practicing in. Every state has different requirements, so check with the state licensing board. In California, it’s the California Board of Psychology. After you’ve received your license, you can legally refer to yourself as a psychologist.

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